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GERD KAEMPGEN - The Art of Metal, Glass and Wood



Gerd Kaempgen was born in 1950 in Muelheim, Germany, where he enjoyed his School and University time and lived ever since. He made many restoration to his fathers house, dated 1903. He graduated in Art, Psychology and Sport. Already in younger years he founded an Artist Group where Artist come together to exchange Experiences and teach each other. Gerd Kaempgen also tought Art and Sport for a long time in German National Schools. He always was one of the famous Teachers, wherever he worked.

His Passion for Mixed Media Arts resulted in him founding "Interframe Germany GmbH" in 1990 with several of his Artist Companions. He was the Managing Director of that company for more than 12 years. The company was at the high end art market using Real Gold and Sterling Silver-Frames. German Design and a Workshop in China was the secret. The company delivered to more than 600 Galleries all over Europe.

Many of Gerd Kaempgen's Mixed Media Art Projects were realized and the company exhibited in many parts of Europe: Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Rheda-Wiedenbrueck, Nuernberg and also Paris, France - just to name a few locations. He was the Co-founder of 5 Galleries in the Ruhr Area, Duisburg, Oberhausen, Castro-Rauxel, Bocholt and Essen, as well as 3 Galleries in the Northern part of Germany - Hamburg, Potsdam and Berlin. With this he supported many Artists and gave them a stage to become famous.

In 2002 Gerd Kaempgen took one year off and prepared the basis for his "Kaempgen Art Services". He resigned from the Management of "Interframe Germany" to bring Artists and Galleries or Collectors together. Important Artists like Ludger Thuilot, Michael Bierhoff, Cilia de Munik, Valentina and Anne Manne are working together with Gerd Kaempgen.

A great success for Gerd Kaempgen was the time he spend in China to develop Mixed Media Art. he met Liu Cheng Yong and brought his Art to Germany. Exhibitions like "Imaginary Landscapes", which had several Galleries joining, was a big moment for both. In recent years, Gerd Kaempgen has joint his passion for Asian Art and has taken the lead in "Interframe Asia" Artist Group to develop Rustic Art Stands, Complete Metal Horses and Art Lamps, Which are all worked with immense efforts and ideas to create unique Art Objects.

A Few of his Works:

Metal Horses Crystal Light Stands

GERD KAEMPGEN - The Art of Metal, Glass and Wood

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