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  • Facing Fears - Painting On Canvas at INTERFRAME-ASIA

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 by Interframe-Asia

"Facing Fears"


40 x 40 cm - (16 x 16 inches approx.)
50 x 50 cm - (20 x 20 inches approx.)
60 x 60 cm - (24 x 24 inches approx.)
70 x 70 cm - (28 x 28 inches approx.)
80 x 80 cm - (32 x 32 inches approx.)
90 x 90 cm - (36 x 36 inches approx.)
100 x 100 cm - (40 x 40 inches approx.)
120 x 120 cm - (48 x 48 inches approx.)

About this Art:

The painting displays a picture of a man sailing in his boat alone. Something he has been doing for quite a long time now. But before, he was just a boy afraid to sit in a boat thinking he might fall of and drown in the lake but it was all in his head and if he thought if he will not try he will not know and forever he will be coward and stuck in his awful ideas.

This art is a hand painted, made with the highest quality grade material. It's made with the finest acrylic paints. For other sizes please contact us.

Article Number:BC-01_032

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